Wednesday, January 18, 2006

XCopy9 DVD Copy Software Review

This week I will continue the series on DVD copying programs with reviews on Bling Software's three DVD copying programs, namely XCopyDVD, XCopyPSP, and XCopyPOD. These programs represent the next generation of copying programs and can be purchased and downloaded online individually or in a bundle called XCopy9.

DVD to DVD Copying With XCopyDVD
XCopyDVD is very similar to 123CopyDVD program reviewed last week in that with it you can make copies of DVD movies to writable DVD discs. Its burning engine supports dual-layer burners thus giving perfect digital copies. As well it can also re-compress the movie to allow for older DVD burners and discs which have smaller space available than commercial movie discs. The re-compression process is fast and isn't very noticeable on the copied disk. As well the program allows for all multi-channel audio (including DTS, 5.1, 6.1, etc.) to be duplicated exactly. Finally, the program comes with free online updates and 24-hour technical support. XCopyDVD can be purchased online for just $29.99.

DVD to PSP Copying With XCopyPSP
XCopyPSP is where Bling Software's offerings get interesting. This unique product allows you to rip a DVD movie and re-compress it to fit onto a Playstation Portable (PSP) memory stick. This product is a terrific idea for those with long commutes or to take a movie with you when traveling. The copies made are great in quality, both in terms of sound and video. Plus the XCopyPSP software is rather inexpensive at just $19.99 when purchased online from Bling Software's site.

DVD to iPod Copying With XCopyPOD
XCopyPOD is very similar to XCopyPSP in that it allows you to rip any commercial DVD movie and play it back on the latest generation of Apple iPods. Plus, since the iPod can store up to 150 hours of movies on it you can have around 90 full length movies on it (or the entire series of Seinfeld, etc.). The only drawback to XCopyPOD comes from the fact that the iPod's screen is only 2.5 inches in size and thus you aren't going to see a lot of detail on it. Still the video and sound quality are more than good enough to be able to watch for hours. Note the software is not avilable for Apple computers at this time. XCopyPOD can be bought online for just $19.99.

Have you had any good or bad experiences with XCopyDVD, XCopyPSP or XCopyPOD software? Would you like to see a review of another DVD copying product? Then leave a comment below.

Friday, January 13, 2006

123 DVD Copy Software Review

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring various different DVD copying programs, starting with X-OOM's 123 DVD Copy application. 123 DVD Copy, available for sale online, is a steal at just $29.99. In addition to being able to make great quality DVD to DVR-R/RW copies, it also offers the ability to copy a DVD movie to and from your hard disk. So you can download movies and burn them, or copy a few movies to your laptop's hard drive when you go on vacation. Most importantly there's a free addon to download that enables the copying of encrypted, "copy protected" disks with 123 Copy DVD.

Starting Using 123 DVD Copy
You can download the 123 DVD Copy software quickly after buying it online. It's around 5MB so it took me about a minute to get. After installing and running it you are presented with three options: copy the DVD movie to hard disk (yellow button), copy DVD movie to writable DVD (red button), and burn DVD movie from a file on your hard disk (green button). The most important feature is copying a DVD movie to a blank DVD disk so we'll explore that in detail. The other two features do make nice bonuses.

Copying a DVD With 123 DVD Copy
Copying a DVD movie with 123 DVD Copy is very simple. You put in any DVD movie disk into your computer's DVD drive, select it as the source movie and chose whether you want to copy the feature film only or copy all the menus and bonus material as well. Finally, you can also select which languages you want to copy. I recommend you copy just the feature film and the primary language track. That's because blank DVD disks often have less capacity (4.7GB) than commercial ones do (9GB) and 123 DVD Copy will recompress the DVD movie so that it fits on your writable disk. So if you only copy only the feature film and the primary language there will be more space left for the DVD movie and it won't lose much quality from the original. Finally, to copy the DVD movie, just select your burner, give the blank disk a name and click the start button. It should take less than an hour to rip, recompress and burn an entire movie. 123 DVD Copy is really that easy.

123 DVD Copy Features At A Glance
  • The software supports most DVD burners and blank DVD media including DVD+R/RW and DVR-R/RW
  • 123 DVD Copy runs on Windows XP, 2000, or 98 computers with a minimum of 10GB disk space free and 128MB of RAM.
  • The software doesn't put any "watermarks" or tracking numbers into the copied DVD movie unlike some other commercial software
  • It copies the DVD movie's original surround sound track exactly including both DTS and Dolby Digital audio
  • It recompresses big movies to fit on smaller writable DVD disks
  • Free ripper addon enables 123 Copy DVD to copy encrypted movies
  • Sells online for $29.99, much less than other DVD copy programs
Have you also tried 123 DVD Copy to copy DVD movies? If so then please leave a review the software by entering a comment below.